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Hello, Sweet Church Family!

We are living in interesting days. Here’s what I know: when it feels like everything is changing and the earth is unsteady under my feet when I trust in the Lord, I find Him dependable, unchanging and steady. 

I know we are all leaning into our faith. 

After much prayer, consideration and conversation, the Elders of Cal Church believe we should offer church services ONLY ONLINE.

Here’s what we would like you to know

1. We will continue to reevaluate plans and communicate those to you. 
2. We give sincere thanks to all who gave online last Sunday to support your church ministries consistently. Please consider becoming an online giver and schedule your giving. This will grow your faith and strengthen your church. We need your faithful generosity now more than ever. 
3. When we don’t meet in person, there’s a greater chance of someone in need being overlooked. Please let us know if you’re in need during this time. The Elders and I are available to pray and many stand ready to help with tangible needs. And if you become aware of someone with a need, maybe that’s God’s assignment for you in this season. Do what you can to show love and offer help. 
4. Also, we are creating content for Kid’s and families to have a worship experience together. You can access those at this link

Pray for your church leaders, pray for your church family. Show love every day and I’ll keep you posted as more information is available.

We love you-

Pastor Brad and the Cal Church Elders


Hello, California Community Church Family!
I’m being asked and I know you’re interested in knowing when we can all gather again in our building. Let me make a couple of initial comments:
—through history, Christians have served Jesus, loved each other and their neighbors, cared for the poor and done what God asked WITHOUT BUILDINGS.  The exciting news during the quarantine is that your house became a church building. The church wasn’t shut down, it was DEPLOYED.
Our rights haven’t been violated, we have made decisions we deemed wise for the greatest good and protection of our church family. We will always act in your best interests to the best of our ability.
—your leaders have been studying and getting the best information available in order to reopen in the safest, earliest timeframe.
Some staff have attended hours of training on this topic. Some have read, researched and had zoom meetings gathering plans for our reopening. A lot of energy is going into re-opening.
So, here’s where we currently stand. A team is being assembled who will organize the research we have, they will lay out our reopening plan and set a schedule. Then, they will implement the re-opening.
I anticipate that when we reopen, which will be weeks away (not days), we will do so in stages.  I’m confident social-distancing will be part of the seating and will limit the number of people per service.
In the meantime, our online experience remains robust, effective, engaging and available.
When we gather in the building again, it will be different for a while. But different isn’t bad. Different will be the new normal on our way back to wonderful.  We will get to “wonderful!”
I ask for your patience. I ask for your prayers for your leaders. I ask for your prayers for the “Re-opening Team!”
We have not stopped being the church, not for a second. We are strong and your commitment makes us stronger. Together we will emerge into a bright future and I’m thrilled to take this journey with you.
As specific information is available, I will share it with you!
I love being your Pastor!

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