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Hello, Sweet Church Family!

We are living in interesting days. Here’s what I know: when it feels like everything is changing and the earth is unsteady under my feet when I trust in the Lord, I find Him dependable, unchanging and steady. 

I know we are all leaning into our faith. 

After much prayer, consideration and conversation, the Elders of Cal Church believe we should offer church services ONLY ONLINE.

Here’s what we would like you to know

1. We will continue to reevaluate plans and communicate those to you. 
2. We give sincere thanks to all who gave online last Sunday to support your church ministries consistently. Please consider becoming an online giver and schedule your giving. This will grow your faith and strengthen your church. We need your faithful generosity now more than ever. 
3. When we don’t meet in person, there’s a greater chance of someone in need being overlooked. Please let us know if you’re in need during this time. The Elders and I are available to pray and many stand ready to help with tangible needs. And if you become aware of someone with a need, maybe that’s God’s assignment for you in this season. Do what you can to show love and offer help. 
4. Also, we are creating content for Kid’s and families to have a worship experience together. You can access those at this link

Pray for your church leaders, pray for your church family. Show love every day and I’ll keep you posted as more information is available.

We love you-

Pastor Brad and the Cal Church Elders


Good Morning, Cal Church Family and Friends!
Once again, we face a weekend huddled in our homes and isolated.  That’s why the leaders at Cal Church are working tirelessly to provide you with a chance to worship, gather ONLINE, connect to Jesus and care for one another. 
Do everything you can to be part of one of three ONLINE services tomorrow. I am teaching one of the most important messages I have taught: WHAT IF YOU HAD ONLY ONE DAY TO LIVE?  We will study the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life, see the choices He made and the priorities He embraced. 
This message will be helpful and hopeful!
I know we’ve had some tech difficulties with live-stream. Our hope is that tomorrow is much better.  Let me explain.  
Our team in the building (sound, cameras, etc) send our signal out.  This has been flawless.  Our team has done an exceptional job! Kudos to Bob Lopez and team. 
Once our signal leaves the building, it goes to a provider who we pay who then sends the signal to our website, our app and our Facebook Live. This provider has been inundated as thousands of churches send their signal at about the same time. 
Each week, the first 15-20 minutes has been glitchy as the signal works its way through internet traffic.  For those who don’t log off, your patience is rewarded!!! Tomorrow we pray there are no glitches. However, hang in there because the signal will finally arrive!!
For those who use a computer and watch from the website, log-on early and join the Live-Chat; kind of like having coffee with each other in the church lobby. 
Also, use this time to pray for one another.  People in our church have faced lay-offs and furloughs.  We have people who are separated from family. We have people battling anxiety and stress Our church has already given THOUSANDS of dollars in direct relief to families in our church and the needs will only become greater. 
Your prayers for one another are needed! 
And your financial support is crucial. As we seek to reach out to you through technology, as we seek to care for each person in our church family and be responsible in paying on-going bills and ministry expenses—we need you. 
Obviously, some cannot give like they once did. So for those who can, would you consider increasing your ONLINE GIVING even $10 or $20 a week to cover this shortfall.  Every gift counts and every gift matters. 
Together, we will emerge on the other side of this as a strong, vital force for Jesus Christ and a light shining His love in our community. 
EASTER NEWS! Next Sunday we will celebrate Easter ONLINE!!  This is historic! 
We will have FOUR ONLINE services at 8am, 9:30am, 11am and 6pm!!
And in each service we will experience communion together.  So, have crackers and juice or any items that will help you reflect on the body and blood of Jesus, as we remember His sacrifice of loving forgiveness together. 
It’s going to be a holy moment and I want you to join me in it! We will do this together. 
So here’s the challenge:
Stay connected to each other and to Cal Church Online. 
Stay committed as much as you can through online giving. And if you set up recurring giving, that’s even a bigger blessing. 
And continue to pray for one another every day.  Members of your church family are struggling.  Your prayers bring a fresh breeze of hope and courage across their spirit and heart!  
We are here for each other. We are the church!  And I LOVE being your Pastor!

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