Pastor Brad Johnson - December 25, 2022

Getting Past the Ghosts of Christmas Past. Part 3

Maybe you had the experience of someone calling you a name at school and then other kids called you that name and it stuck. …or at least it stuck in your heart. Maybe a coach or teacher, maybe a spouse or boss said something negative and you’ve worn the label they gave you like a heavy burden. In Part 3, we dive into why Jesus came at Christmas. One reason is to remove those labels. Jesus didn’t come to just make us better, he came to make us brand new. This is good news, and with it, a lot of people will be set free from the labels in your past!

From Series: "Getting Past the Ghosts of Christmas Past"

A three part series: GETTING PAST THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST. If you’ve struggled with the same people, the same attitudes, the same feelings year after year and all these rob you of Christmas joy…then THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU!

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