Brad Johnson - August 11, 2019

Lessons from the Top …and the from the Bottom, August 11, 2019

These are exciting days. Have you noticed when great things are happening for God, our spiritual enemy also raises the stress level in life? He wants us discouraged and lacking faith. He wants us tired and weary in our good work for the Lord! But Jesus said...”Greater is HE who is in you...!!!” God is greater than discouragement, stronger than fatigue and more able to help us overcome than we can even imagine! Next time you’re discouraged for living your faith and following Jesus, remember that! Next time you’re spiritually fatigued, remember that! In this message we talk about the transient nature of success and how God’s perspective changes everything! This one can be a game-changer!

From Series: "Summer 2019 at CalChurch"

This summer, Pastor Brad explores spiritual topics that affect all of us in our daily lives.

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