Taylor Hunt - May 29, 2022

RESCUED, Book of Jonah Part 2

Most followers of Jesus have a favorite Bible verse or a list of several favorites. One of them is Jonah 3:1, “Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time…” That verse is filled with grace as the Lord offers Jonah a second chance. This is the story of scripture; it’s the story of many of our lives. Haven’t you needed a second chance (or third, or…)? We all have. Here’s the big question: what did you do with your second chance? What Jonah did next and what he felt about it are intriguing aspects of Part 2 of RESCUED.

From Series: "A Fresh Look"

On the few occasions when Pastor Brad takes a much needed rest, we are blessed with very special guest speakers who will share a fresh look at the things we deal with every day.

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