Ministries at CalChurch

Growth is a process. And we’re here to help.

Everyone grows at a different pace. At CalChurch, you’re welcome to take your time exploring your faith. Our ministries are here to help you in whatever place you’re in.

Kids Ministry

Kids learn best when they’re having fun! At CalChurch Kids, we use creative, Bible-based curriculum that’s kid-friendly—so they look forward to hanging out with us. And we take security seriously, so you’ll feel confident they’re being cared for in a safe environment.

Student Ministry

Being a teenager is tough. At CalChurch Students we want our middle- and high-school students to know they’re never alone and that being connected with Christ is the best way to navigate life.

Adult Ministries

Life is hard. It gets easier when we do it together. At CalChurch, we believe life is better when we’re doing it with other people. To help with that, we have ministries for adults of all ages and life stages.

Prayer & Care

Whether we like to admit it or not, all of us could use a little help every now and then—whether that’s tangible resources because we’re stuck financially, some emotional support, or a whole lot of prayer.

Serving at CalChurch

We serve others because of how Jesus served us. Serving others is at the core of who we are at CalChurch. We count it a joy to give our time and talent to help others in our community and around the world.

Serve Teams

Our goal is to make our Sunday morning gatherings as friendly and welcoming as possible. CalChurch Serve teams help make that happen.


Most people long to be part of something bigger than themselves—to make the world a better place in some way. Often, though, people aren’t sure how to get started. We can help!