Dear Cal Church Family and Friends–

I have an exciting update to share with you.  As we anticipate our future, even during this pandemic, we are preparing to advance the cause of Christ through California Community Church like never before.

Last fall, we began a diligent search to bring onto our staff team another full-time Pastor.  The need for this is long over due.  We wanted an additional weekend teacher, someone to run point on reaching the next generation for Christ and someone with Pastoral gifts and abilities to strengthen multiple areas of our church.

It’s taken months and months to find God’s person!  We searched for someone who supports our church culture, values and beliefs.  We wanted confidence that this person was an able teacher on those weekends when I need to give my attention to leadership and other ministry demands at Cal Church.

This position title is: Associate Teaching Pastor and Pastor to Young Adults.

We believe in the future of the next generation and this strategic staff addition enables us to effectively develop their rich potential for God.  This impacts many of our children and grandchildren for years to come.

And trust me, there are other areas of church life that need the abilities another Pastor can address.

We already have a high-quality staff. I am thankful for each one for the love of Jesus and love of Cal Church. This new staff position further strengthens an already strong team.

With that background, let me introduce Pastor Brent Hodge.  Brent recently co-taught with me during a weekend message a few months ago.  His daughter, Kas, is one of our worship leaders and Brent and his wife Tammy are residents in Thousand Oaks.

Brent comes with years and years of full time Pastoral experience and leadership. He and his family already love Cal Church and are ready to immerse themselves in our future.   Please pray for and celebrate Pastor Brent.  You could even send him a note of welcome:

Our best days are ahead of us as a church and I love being your Pastor!

Rich Blessings,

Pastor Brad

Hello, Dear Cal Church Family and Friends!
I wish so deeply that I could be sharing all of this with you face to face, and wish I could throw in a hug for good measure!  Like you, I miss our fellowship, I miss the special qualities of the WHOLE Cal Church Experience!
And it seems, due to the latest round of closings, it will be a while until all that we long for is possible!  But rather than focus on what we can’t do, let me tell you some things we can do!
1) We can be ready to re-open at the earliest opportunity. We have a trained, able team ready to lead us back in, when the time is right.
2) We can spread the message of Jesus Christ and His power, love and hope for our world.  Our ever improving online experience is among the best you’ll find and we have a team always tweaking, always learning and always making it more and more effective for you!
3) We can offer practical, spiritual, Biblical guidance through these unprecedented times. This weekend I conclude the teaching series, “Running on Empty” (so many of you said it spoke to your heart).  And you’ll LOVE the next series: Pandemic Daze—How to Make the Most of These Days We Are Going Through!  That starts in one week!
4) With rising unemployment, business closures, looming evictions and foreclosures, we can offer tangible help for hurting people. I am very eager to share the newest ministry we will be launching very, very soon!  I promise, you’ll hear a lot about this and you will be able to participate!!
5) We can be Jesus to our family, our friends and our neighbors. Make sure you are the light for someone in a dark place. You step forward and help someone in need as a representative of Jesus Christ.  You be an example of the church which is not confined to a building. You be a minister right where you are every day!
6) We can pray for each other, encourage each other, and love each other every day.
7) We can secure and stabilize all the ministries of Cal Church, through our generous, consistent online giving. Remember, we don’t give to a church, we give through the church to all the good, compassionate work we do for Jesus in our community and world.
8) We can spread the good news of Jesus by inviting family and friends to be part of our online community. New people are logging on every week.  Your invitation can literally change someone’s life!
I could go on!  Friends, don’t despair. Don’t grow weary in doing good. Don’t lose hope. Jesus is still Lord and the church is still strong! 
I love you, I pray for you and I am so thankful to be your Pastor!

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