What To Expect

We know new experiences can be nerve-wracking.

We want your first experience at CalChurch to be comfortable, so we’ve put together answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have others, please reach out.
(We promise no question is a bad question. Even that one.)

Where do I park?

We have spaces reserved for you in our convenient parking lot! Just watch for signs for first-time guests and stroller parking.

What do I wear?

Clothes. We honestly don’t care what kind. (Most of us dress casually, including our jeans-and-converse-wearing pastor, if that helps.)

Where do I take my kids?

When you arrive, you’ll see signs clearly pointing the way to our brightly colored, clean, and safe CalChurch Kid’s area. Our super-friendly volunteers are happy to help guide you, too!

What's a church service like?

When you arrive at CalChurch, you’re welcome to enjoy free coffee and treats in our lobby and then find a comfy seat in the auditorium. Before the church service begins, we play some music and display information about upcoming events on the video screens. The service itself starts with singing, and then Pastor Brad teaches for about half an hour—about topics you can apply to your actual life in the real world. We also take an offering, but as our guest, you won’t feel any pressure to give.

Still have questions?

Hello, California Community Church Family and Friends!

I am so excited that this Sunday we begin WEEKLY outdoor services.  When we did this once a month ago, everyone loved it!!  It’s comfortable, it’s safe and we are TOGETHER! 
You’ve missed weekly gatherings and I have, too! So, here’s what you need to do:

outdoor.calchurch.com and

2. Show up Sunday for our 9:30 service!!   Bring your coffee, bring an umbrella for shade, bring a lawn chair and we will have a GREAT service of worship and teaching. 

I’m starting a new series for October to help you discover your life mission. If you’ve ever wondered what on earth you’re here for...this series will be a huge blessing to you. Bring your family, bring your friends.  We are all coming HOME to Cal Church!

October signifies change. We change seasons to fall. We change our clocks (In November) during the fall. And this is a perfect time to make some changes that will bless your life. 

We’ve come through the summer as a church family (and it’s been tough). I’m looking forward to positive changes in each of our lives. 

Throughout this pandemic, our church continued to share Jesus, teach His word, spread the good news of Christ, we continued to care for the hurting, we started new ministries, we provided resources for families and kids, we stood beside you in prayer.  The virus hit all of us hard, but as a church,  we are still standing and expecting a great future. 

Your support, your prayers and your participation make all the difference.  If it’s been a while since you gave online as a part of Cal Church, your support right now is needed. We’ve come through some of our leanest months lately. The church you need now needs you!  Give through the app, give through the website or prepare to give in person this weekend!  Remember, together we can accomplish so much more for Jesus. 

And one more thing...be a blessing to someone in your life who needs food. We have boxes of food to share with anyone in need.  If you know someone who would be blessed by a box of food, swing by the church Sunday from 1-2, grab a box and drop it by that person’s house. Tell them Jesus loves them and so does California Community Church. 

I am giddy (literally) with excitement to see YOU in person this Sunday! Service begins at 9:30!  Register right now so you don’t forget!

With Love and Blessings!

Pastor Brad

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