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Bring your mess. (We’re messy, too.) Lots of people think they need to have their stuff together before they can be a part of a church. If that’s you, we’d love to be the place where you can finally let go of that idea. The truth is, we’re all a bit of a mess, even Christians.

Here’s the other side of that truth: We’re also all worthy of love. And grace. And a second chance (or 12th or 212th). Most of all, we’re all worthy of redemption—a fancy church word that’s a lot like rescue.

So you’re welcome here—just as you are. Really. Mess and all.

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Brent Hodge - September 20, 2020

Cancel Culture, Part 2, September 20, 2020

This is Part 2 of the series. In Part 1 we learned that culture cancels people, but Jesus cancels the things that cancel people. Jesus, not culture, is our model for how we are to treat people.


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Brent Hodge - September 20, 2020

Cancel Culture, Part 2, September 20, 2020

This is Part 2 of the series. In Part 1 we learned that culture cancels people, but Jesus cancels the things that cancel people. Jesus, not culture, is our model for how we are to treat people.


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Here’s what you can expect from CalChurch:



We don’t pretend to be something we’re not. We certainly don’t expect you to.



You don’t have to believe everything—or anything—to hang out with us.


Everyone is welcome. No matter what.


You can participate at your own speed, from your own starting place.

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Cal Church Family and Friends—
I can’t help sometimes but to reflect on all God’s blessings on our church for over a decade of faithful ministry for Jesus. Some of you met your best friends here. Some of you met your spouse here. Many have gotten married and we’ve held celebrations of life for so many, precious others. We’ve dedicated babies to Jesus and we have watched as hundreds stepped fresh from the waters of baptism.
I recall the hundreds of thousands we have sent food to oversees, money sent for fire relief and tangible hands-on relief right here at home. Thousands of meals have been served to the homeless by dozens and dozens of our volunteers. Hundreds of thousands of donated dollars have gone to help the helpless, encourage the broken, reach the lost and advance the cause of Christ.
Cal Church, we are living our mission: To introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him!
And now, in our first year of our second decade, we are facing a pandemic together. (I love that word: TOGETHER!)
For those whose lives have been changed here, for those who love our church, I am calling on you to stand with and for your church in this season!  It’s hard. We are a church that loves being together. We all feel how special this place is when we gather. 
That’s why we had our first outdoor service and that’s why beginning in October, whether we meet outside or are allowed inside, WE WILL MEET WEEKLY!
I long for that! We all want that! 
And for September, I want and NEED to share my heart with you!  Your Pastor is tired. This has been a challenging year as a Pastor and in my personal life. Not only has the loss of my dad hit me especially hard, I’ve battled some physical challenges that so far are headed in a good direction. But Karen and I need to invest in a short time away for renewal and refreshment! The Pandemic has added unique stresses and real challenges to all of our lives. I’ve worked hard to faithfully shepherd us through with prayer, wisdom and I hope...encouragement.
The Elders gifted me early in the new year with time away in honor of the 10 year anniversary serving as your Pastor. However, as the crisis of this pandemic grew, I just couldn’t leave.  Now, nine months into this year, my body and spirit are telling me it’s time!
So for part of September Karen and I are unplugging. We will be off phones and email. Our wonderful Elders and Staff already lead so well and will continue to lead and keep our church healthy and strong. 
But here’s where my heart gets heavy—in times past-when I have been away—too many choose to not connect with our beautiful church. When that happens, our unity suffers, our support for the work of Jesus drops and it takes months to recover momentum.
Gus—who we all love— and our newest Pastor, Brent —a blessed addition to our team—will speak in my absence. These faithful men need and deserve your encouragement and participation. Pray for them. Be present and allow the Spirit of the living God to speak to your heart through them!
Someone wisely said, 90% of success is “showing up!”  Cal Church, as you have done in so many areas of ministry and service before, your church needs you to show up now! All of us need the rest of us!
Make sure, for these next weeks that you show up for Cal Church because I do know you love your church.
On a related note, as we move through this Summer, predictably our generous giving is beginning to wain. We understand some have already been affected financially by the pandemic and we feel that with you and are here for you!  For others, you are still stable and financially able and your giving these months can make all the difference in our continued good work for Jesus. 
I am asking this from my heart:
Will you please pray for me and for Karen while we rest and renew to get ready for our next season together?
Will you stand with your church in your active participation and generous giving?
I am thankful for what Jesus has done through us together! And I’m very optimistic and filled with hope over what I believe God has in store for us in the days and years to come!
I love you!  We all need you! Your church is strong because of you!!  I will count the days until I see you face to face just a couple weeks from now!
Blessings and Deep Love—
Pastor Brad

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